How awesome would it feel to get your nutrition dialed in to fit your body, training, and lifestyle?

Maybe you have been starting and stopping different diets. It’s hard to get lasting results.

I have been able to help people from many different backgrounds achieve their goals – They find a balance in the way they now approach their own nutrition.

 I have  a coaching program that addresses the most critical concerns you will face when pursuing a better body: Nutrition and Mindset.

When I first started coaching, my mission was to help people learn how to track their macros, stay consistent, and see results . If I had learned anything in my years as a coach, and trainer in fitness, it was that nutrition trumps extra workouts 10 out of 10 times. So I invested in an awesome  Nutrition Certification-

I pride myself on creating a unique and personal relationship with my clients. Not only do I want to see the “data” (macros, body weight, composition, etc.)

Each of us can be as unique in our nutrient requirements as we are with our fingerprints. You may be wondering how to fine tune your current diet plan.

I do a detailed lifestyle assessment where I look at factors such as current food quality, eating habits, food sensitivities, digestion, sleep habits, metabolism (BMR)  and stress levels. With all this information I’m able to tailor a structured caloric (macro) eating plan for you.

A healthy body is a side effect of being on one of my programs, so is increased energy, strength, performance, mental clarity, and reduced physical pain.

No gimmicks…just real results done the right way!!!

Personal strategies that give you the information to be successful as you make this change. You nutrition should  fit your current lifestyle, being held  accountable and most importantly … this is a judgment-free place –  through the good days and the bad.

knowledge is power

My ultimate goal is for every client to feel confident and comfortable eating the right things at the right time in the right amount. I want them to know what being “on track” feels like and looks like.

This way you can eventually put away the food scales, the tracking apps, and measuring tapes and eat with confidence. I define eating with confidence as knowing that you are eating in a way that aligns with your fitness and health goals.


What I do, is look at a client’s history, individual body composition, and goals to create a macronutrient profile specific to each client.

I provide guidelines, food suggestions, and information on how to implement flexible dieting but, at the end of the day, each client is deciding what they eat. This is important for several reasons…

Meal plans don’t allow for any type of ‘life happens’ flexibility.

With macro-tracking, clients can make whatever food they have around work for them and their goals. I want my clients to eat whatever they enjoy, while still meeting their goals..

I do not expect my clients to rely on me forever.

Meal plans ensure that a client is tied to a coach because the client must keep returning to the coach for updated plans. Macro-tracking allows the client to learn and understand nutritional concepts and then apply those concepts to everyday life.

I am interested the overall health and quality of life of my clients, which means a sustainable program is a must. I want you to succeed!

I offer two different coaching plans Group and Individual coaching.

Group Coaching includes:

Individualized prescription based upon your goals
Individual tracker to keep track of your weight, daily macros, progress etc.…
Access to a private group to receive more support and help
on board form to be filled out and returned

Individual Coaching Includes:

A full client assessment
Individualized prescription based upon your goals
Individual tracker to keep track of your weight, daily macros, progress etc.…
Adjustment to plan based on macros
Weekly phone calls- Check-ins via skype or phone calls
Access to me via text or email
Unlimited email/text support

Continual support and weekly follow-up coaching throughout the coaching process.

Interested- fill out below!!!


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