Have you been wondering how to track your – MACRO’S? (aka CALORIES)

First of all, counting macros means tracking  calories, even more specific it’s tracking the number of grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fats that you consume.

Each persons ideal macros ratio will vary based on your specific goals. You may want to lose weight, or even gain weight. By knowing precisely what you eat and tracking your macros will help you to reach those fitness goals more efficiently.

By counting  your macros aka calories – this gives you an overview of your total energy intake.

I hate to admit this, but I used to carry around a pencil and paper journal, I wrote down everything I ate and the amount – then I would go look up the calories in a calorie book that I had. This took FOREVER!!!!! It was VERY time consuming!!!

wasting time

Now there is an app for everything including food logging. So all you really need to do is download the app and start logging – it even calculates the amount of fats, protein and carbs that you eat.

My favorite of is   MYFITNESSPAL

All you have to do is sign up, set all your basic personal data, choose a fitness goal and get a recommendation for daily calorie intake and macros ratio.  If you don’t like or  agree with their recommendations, you can always change those.

Once everything is set, let’s start logging. You can either search for what you’ve had in MyFitnessPal’s database of more than 5 million drinks & foods or scan the product’s barcode. Scanning the barcode is always safer, as it guarantees a perfect match.

After the logging is complete, go back to the home screen to see how many calories you’ve got left for the day. And to check how you’re doing on the macros end, go to ‘Nutrition’. Here you’ll see a pie chart presenting your actual intake, and underneath the chart see your actual intake vs your goal.

You don’t even need to buy the premium – It does an awesome job  of showing you your progress with simple and clear graphs.

So that my friend is the simple low down of ‘tracking marcos’ aka calories.


As a final reminder, monitoring your calories aka macros will help you make sense of your diet, stay on track and keep you motivated. As you learn to track your nutrition, you will become a more aware of what you eat. You will  also make better choices in the foods you eat.

You will also be closer to achieving your fitness goals!