You can’t out exercise Bad Nutrition!


1. Put nutrition before exercise.

Research has said that with exercise alone you can expect to lose only about half a pound to one pound per month!!! Isn’t that sad??  Especially if you have been killing it in the gym!

What works? Easy- and way less stressful…  Focus on your nutrition and eating habits. With a program that combines both nutrition coaching and an exercise program, you can expect to lose five times more fat in the same one month period.

Put nutrition first!


2. What motivates you? How can you make it even bigger?

We all need a “reason why” — a real purpose and a sense of why losing fat and getting in shape is important to us.


3. Find something to lose – Raise the stakes and put something at risk to keep you going!!

We need to be held accountable – how are you going to be accountable??? Who is going enforce your commitment?  There needs to be something at stake, something to lose if you don’t follow through or if you drop out early.

How are you going to keep going??


4. Have A Plan

Have some form of structure in your nutrition, and in your training. You can not just plan on going to the gym and ‘winging it’.  Many people, who stay lean, they work at it. They have a long-term goal for their body and it goes well beyond 30 days. Set a  realistic goal and plan to have a body next summer or year, then structure mini goals along the way to keep you pushing. These do not happen in 6 weeks or 12 weeks.                          That is Hollywood!!!

5. Be more active!!!

Do you sit at a desk? Get up and do 10 bodyweight squats on the hour every hour!! Have a lunch break? Go for a 20-minute walk. Can you track your steps? Try to hit 10-15,000 steps a day. Get a standing desk… Take the stairs… The list could really go on and on.  Here’s some numbers for you – 10,000 steps a day equals 70,000 steps per week. 70,000 steps can burn 3,500 calories. 3,500 calories is 1lb of fat. Move more !!  Get  MORE active!

be more active!!!