Is protein your go meal??? Do you know how protein is used in your body??

There is no “maximum amount of protein your body can digest” in a meal… There are a lot of us who may think your body can only digest up to 30 grams of protein at a time.

If you think about this – it makes no sense. Your body doesn’t digest a certain amount of protein and then all of a sudden stop digesting the food then let the remaining food sit there undigested!! (Stomach ache!!)

Your body will digest all of the protein you eat in a sitting (it might take a while) .Also, most of the protein from a high protein meal WILL NOT go to building muscle 💪🏾!!

What happens to the protein you eat?


There is no long-term storage site for amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Your stomach tissue will hold some amino acids temporarily, but, these won’t do much to build muscle later on.

After eating a meal packed with protein, some of that protein will go to build muscle, some of it will go build other structures in the body (proteins, neurotransmitters and more) and the rest of the protein is used for energy or converted to body fat.

The nitrogen (from amino acids) is combined with other compounds to form urea, a harmless waste product, which is processed by the kidneys and excreted in the urine. The graphic was created based on research in young men given 20 g of casein. The fate of amino acids from protein will change with age and disease states.

What determines per meal protein needs? Several factors including age, training status, total daily calorie intake (if you are cutting calories, total protein needs are higher), overall amount of protein consumed each day; the type (anti-nutrients?), quality and leucine and EAA content of the protein consumed at each meal, other nutrients consumed at meal time, training program, lean body mass, and health status.