Did you know that carbs can help you sleep better?


Carbohydrates consumed in the evening can help us lower stress levels and unwind prior to bed.  This allows for a more restful sleep. This is because carbs can help us trigger serotonin – a neurotransmitter that’s been proven to enhance mood and improve sleep quality.

This fact alone is enough to prove the “Don’t eat carbs at night” myth completely busted.

Serotonin helps to regulate the body’s sleep-wake cycles and the internal clock. This is super important and beneficial for good sleep. Carbohydrates can help shift us into a parasympathetic state within our nervous system, the exact opposite of the state that keeps us awake, ready and alert.

It is impossible to sleep if you’re wired….  sometimes people who suffer with that can be called  – “Tired and Wired”. This is a state of being where your nervous system may be negatively adapted and you may have some issues with not only cortisol, but also your circadian rhythm. It feels like you’re really tired and need rest, but you just can’t because you’re abnormally wired at the same time.


Maybe… proper carb consumption may be able to shift you out of this state and actually help you get into that parasympathetic state, which is absolutely crucial in proper sleep and recovery.


Chase away insomnia with some carbs!!!!

Create balance, find your happy medium, and begin to optimize your macronutrients in order to see better results.