How long have you been wanting to eat better and exercise?? But life feels like an endless conveyor belt of ‘busyness’…. and you just  can’t seem to get off it!

You just mentally went through your day- maybe you are running late for work, and know your day is packed with meetings. Thinking ahead to dinner, you’re wondering how you’ll manage anything more involved than ordering a pizza on your takeout app.

When your day is done, maybe you just want to put your feet up and veg out in front of the TV or get stuck in a good book.

Most days, you feel that you’re just meeting basic needs — work, food, clothes, a not-dirty home — by the skin of your teeth. How are you supposed to find eight hours to sleep, never mind an hour for the gym let alone 10 minutes to chop veggies?!


How can you start that goal that you have set year after year?? We have All been there – this roller coaster just goes around and around!!!


Here are some suggestions that can be used to prioritize health, organize our schedules, and GET THINGS DONE!!!

We know that regular movement, eating well, sleep, and stress management are so important for  feeling better about ourselves.  Let’s start  applying that knowledge to our busy and  sometimes stressful lives.

Create a system that makes health and fitness easier! – with a little planning, YOU (cuz there is NO magic genie to come do it for you) can create an environment that reduces the time to eat better AND move more!!!                   

1.Keep fresh whole foods in plain sight!!!

2. Reduce or eliminate ‘treat foods’

3. Establish a day OR time to meal prep!! Put it on your calendar. Chop and prepare! Have a plan!!  For ideas click here