Have you ever ate a piece of cheesecake or cheese burger and thought ‘I’ll start my diet again on Monday?

Or, you go on  a weekend get away and also thought ‘I’ll start my diet again on Monday?

It could be anything… an injury, just got married, it was Easter, or your dad’s uncles brothers birthday.

Whatever it is, have you decided to take a ‘time-out’ (or even press the ‘pause button” because you ‘messed up”?


If  you missed a workout, ate something ‘not on the plan,’ or even stayed up too late…  you might think that you have failed.

Then you tell yourself ‘I’m just gonna take a time-out and start again on Monday.  Or  on the first… or at a time when things are not stressful.

Have you ever done that? I have!

This is normal!  We all want to do our best. So wanting to regroup and then restart (or start over) when life feels easier is completely normal!

And, we should stop taking ‘time-outs’  This can sabotage  our plans to improve our nutrition, health, and fitness.

Here is why ‘starting over, pressing the pause button, taking a time out sabotages our goals …

The ‘time-out’ mentality only builds the skill of ‘time-outs’.


Whether it’s tomorrow, Monday, next week, or even next year, taking that imaginary time out gives you a sense of relief.

It allows you a little break from what can be a really tough goal.


It gives the illusion that if we “start fresh” later we can find the perfect “right time” to begin.


Life is hard sometimes!! It can feel crazy to try to improve our eating and exercise habits while we are in the middle of  looking for a job or starting a new job, going on vacation, caring for aging parents or raising kids, whatever is your ‘hard’ it can make life CRAZY!



Most of them are geared toward getting fit within a very short time frame! Is this even realistic?

This may be why  yo-yo diet thing has become so present in our culture.

We see 21-day this and 90-day that!!

Are these 21 or even 90 day weight loss challenges or programs even teaching us anything??

What happens when that 30 day challenge is over?

Has it taught us any ‘real skills”?

We are not building the ability to get fit under “real-life’ situations.

…. also,  It’s not about willpower…  It’s about skills.



And that my friends is why we take  are taking ‘time outs’. It is not because we suck at sticking to a diet, it is because it gets super frustrating when something ‘not on the plan’ gets in the way.

There is not ‘time-out’ in life- life just keeps going!



There’s never ever going to be a time  in life when things are just easier. We can’t escape work, and family demands.

We also  can not escape the need for health and fitness in our life.

Instead of taking a ‘time-out’ let’s improve how we approach our goals. We can fine tune out fitness and nutrition.

Create habits instead of doing that 30 day challenge, only to gain the weight back the day after it ends.

Perfection never happens in real life.

We’re always going to be doing the best we can with what we have.

And you know what… THAT’S OKAY!!!

We can still make progress toward our goals and still improve our health and our fitness – no matter WHAT is going on in our lives.



✔️ You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control what you’re going to do about it.

It doesn’t happen if  you ask for a re-do next week, next month, next year.

Let’s build the ability to get fit under real-life conditions.

Fitness  in real life…  is just like the rest of life.
We’re all just doing the best we can in challenging, complicated circumstances. We are all living messy, imperfect lives.

We are all human.

We win the game when we keep moving forward, no matter what happens, no pause buttons, no do-overs,  no time outs…